About me 
I am Peter Langenkamp CEO of Realtime Register BV and PLBV. A mouth full and nothing has been said.

Lets try again.

What I do and what I enjoy the most is innovation, creating new oppertunities, projects and businesses. I met Valentijn Borstlap in 2001 when I started working for him. In 2004 we started RealtimeRegister.com together and in 2006 I started my holding company PLBV .

Valentijn is an expert in marketing and has a nose for making money. I am keen on efficiently handling business processes by use of development and improving of our own software, I am constantly looking at developments and innovations all around the world looking for new business oppertunities and starting and managing new projects.

This blog will be my daily exhaust, a place where I will share my thoughts and experiences, perhaps from a therapeutic point of view? Anyway, the first post is a fact, more to come!