What's in a name 
As I am in the domain and webhosting business , I see lots and lots of domain names come and go. We have customers who register every domain they can think of, which results for them in owning thousands and thousands of domains. But what does it matter, it costs practically nothing and they only need to sell a few products/services or domains from time to time to make profits.

So what's in a name, what's the value of a good domain? You can't tell. You would say the shorter the better, but it all depends on how you use it. If the page behind the name doesn't make any sense, people will loose intrest instantly. If the domainname is 63 characters long, but the page behind it is hilarious, people will take the hassle and visit it.

If you have a company with a lot of domainnames redirecting to the same commercial page, you have a lot of doors where people can come in. 99,9% will run out of course, but that one person who will show interest might just be your biggest new customer.

I find it fun to see what names people are cancelling, I can see it on a daily basis in our backoffice system. I saw some nice ones today. I just sent a friend of mine a mobile message, because one of those domains might be interesting for him.

I'll tell you tomorrow which one , you never know, it could just be a million dollar name (for him) ;-)

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First Post 
First post.... Lets start by explaining things about this blog and myself.

I am Peter Langenkamp , operational manager at YourHosting BV and CEO of 12Register BV and PLBV. A mouth full and nothing has been said.

Lets try again.

What I do and what I enjoy the most is innovation, creating new oppertunities, projects and businesses. I met Valentijn Borstlap in 2001 and we started YourHosting.nl , me as an employee, him as the CEO. In 2004 we started 12Register.com together and in 2006 I started my holding company PLBV .

Valentijn is an expert in marketing and has a nose for making money. I am keen on efficiently handling business processes by use of development and improving of our own software, I am constantly looking at developments and innovations all around the world looking for new business oppertunities and starting and managing new projects.

This blog will be my daily exhaust, a place where I will share my thoughts and experiences, perhaps from a therapeutic point of view? Anyway, the first post is a fact, more to come!

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