More on domains .TV .CC .MOBI and front running 
So i was talking about offering .mobi at a week ago, we have started offering this domain last week. All seems to go very well, we hope our customers will start offering the domain as well. We are one of the cheapest, with EUR 10,12 per year.

No news yet about .IN, my business relation in India is still looking for a good solution for us to meet the requirement.

Next domaintypes I'm going to add are .tv, .cc and .jobs. These are all offered by the sponsoring registry Verisign domains. I hope we can introduce these within 3 weeks as well.

There was also some good news from ICANN last week, regarding a new problem in the world of domain registration. They call it domain name front running. You can read more here . It's basically a problem that existst for a longer time, suppose you would like to know if your desired domainname is free, and you visit a random registrar page, like (we don't do this! its an example!). You would enter your desired name and check if its available. The bad guys (not would then immediately register your desired name, and offer it to you for extremely high prices.

ICANN will look into this, but its hard to really do something. Use of whois to check domain availability is not illegal. To proof that you used someone else domain request is hard. It would be nice if they can do something, but I doubt it.

Development at YourHosting last week was pretty good, we had some releases like the telephone recognition. Next week we will be releasing some more, like the new server configuration and extra options.


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Who are you? 
If you have ever lost yourself, or forget who you are? There is a new dutch website where you can search on people.

They have suprising results, this is me for instance.

In short I am:

Providers Document Sveia Emerce Isp
Sardini Actie Massaal Blog Stockholm
Icecream Exchange Resultat Askanowner Ijsmachines
Computer Bekijk Web Kev Forum
Waterdichte Honors Contact Rettung Icann
Coureur Tft Spiegel Descriptions Te
Rechtsanwalt Sql Xml Anwaltsverzeichnis Directory
International Ecomputers Person Personal Mon
Mlm Thomas Aanbod Mcadvo Gratis

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Development developing! 
Its friday, so no tech releases today. We have decided this long ago, since we have had several issues with friday releases of software updates. Sometimes you can't wait till monday with the bug fix.

For next week we have several nice things to release at We have a new hosting server model, which has a totally rebuilt configuration panel. It has php4 and php5 support and you have the following options:
- site backup
- sitebuilder
- configurable mailbox size
- optionally create extra ftp users
- anti leeching
- subdomain redirect to folders or url's
- and many more new features

Besides that, our internal software will be upgraded as well. We have added telephone recognition. When a customer calls, you will automatically get all the customer data in your screen. All thanks to the use of Voip and our homemade crm software (YourCrm) we use.

Next week we will also be introducing new MI tools (management info), so we can look into the performance of our (30) employees by generating reports. We can also analyse the number of new customers per day, phonecalls, emails, etc. etc.

Very sexy, right!

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Registry talk (.in and .mobi) 
Applying for registrar is usually a matter of a lot of paperwork, time, money, patience and legal stuff. We are currently in the process of applying for accreditation at dot Mobi (.mobi) . Mobile internet is growing faster then expected and we have had several customers wanting to register these domains. We just received the green light for the paperwork this morning, only thing left is prove we are technically capable of dealing with the registry. This is called an OT&E, and is a series of tests with their EPP system.

At the same time i'm looking into .in (India) domains. It's a requirement to have a relationship with an Indian ISP to become accredited, which we don't have at the moment. I have contacted a business relation in India, I hope they can do something for us.

Speaking of domains, I just registered a nice one: Funny how you sometimes can use the tld in a phrase, off course officialy this is an Austrian domain (.at)

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What's in a name 
As I am in the domain and webhosting business , I see lots and lots of domain names come and go. We have customers who register every domain they can think of, which results for them in owning thousands and thousands of domains. But what does it matter, it costs practically nothing and they only need to sell a few products/services or domains from time to time to make profits.

So what's in a name, what's the value of a good domain? You can't tell. You would say the shorter the better, but it all depends on how you use it. If the page behind the name doesn't make any sense, people will loose intrest instantly. If the domainname is 63 characters long, but the page behind it is hilarious, people will take the hassle and visit it.

If you have a company with a lot of domainnames redirecting to the same commercial page, you have a lot of doors where people can come in. 99,9% will run out of course, but that one person who will show interest might just be your biggest new customer.

I find it fun to see what names people are cancelling, I can see it on a daily basis in our backoffice system. I saw some nice ones today. I just sent a friend of mine a mobile message, because one of those domains might be interesting for him.

I'll tell you tomorrow which one , you never know, it could just be a million dollar name (for him) ;-)

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