Hit by a virus 
Not my computer, but myself! I have the Epstein-Barr virus and have to rest for at least 2 weeks.

That means I can't do anything, but that is something that is automatically caused by the virus. Whenever I do anything, I immediately get very tired and get pain in my muscle's. I have to sleep and rest a lot, and normally I have a hard time doing that, but now it is not a problem. Unfortunately, working is prohibited as well so I won't be able to do a lot. But do keep in contact with the office and check my emails daily.

Hope to be well soon!

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Chicago: HostinCon 2008 
So here we are in chicago at HostingCon. Our remotely printed flyers have found their way into the conference bags of all visitors, we are very curious on the outcome of that. I'll post a longer message later, but here are some (mobile made) pictures of yesterday.

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Launched our new 12Register site today! 
Today, we proudly present you our new look. We have improved our previous layout and website, after consulting various users and visitors and months of preparation. We hope that you will enjoy the new site layout, structure and functionality.

Not only have we changed our looks, we have also introduced a new webinterface. All kinds of new features have been added and improved, such as search- and export functionality and bulk changes to domain names. Another new feature is the new account type, being the webuser. Webusers can sign up, order and pay for domain names instantly, without having to make a deposit. They simply pay for what they register. Our previous dealer accounts will now be called resellers. If webusers want to enjoy the extra advantages of a reseller, they can upgrade at any given time.

The last big change is the introduction of the non-contract domain name types. Previously, resellers had to send in a contract to be able to register domain names at all. As of now, both webusers and resellers can start registering domain names instantly, as long as the domain name type does not require a contract. This can be seen in the domain info pages. Basically most of the generic domain names (g-tld's) don't require a contract, most of the country domain names (cc-tld's) do require a signed contract. The contract can be downloaded and returned to us, in order for you to be able to access all domain name types.

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12Register @ HostingCon 2008 

We will be Attending and sponsoring at HostingCon 2008 Chicago next week

(JULY 28-30, 2008 | NAVY PIER, CHICAGO).

Meet you there?

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100.000 + .NL domains 
2 weeks ago, we have reached the 100.000 NL domain milestone at 12Register. We were congratulated by the dutch registry (SIDN). Below some articles on this.




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