Sneak peek a new design! 
We are working on a new design for 12Register. A small sneak peek? Well.... ok:

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(back from holiday) Jobs and Name gone live 
I have been away for the last two weeks, for a holiday in italy . We had a good time and have enjoyed the south-european weather and lifestyle!

But now its back to business. Just before my vacation, we launched .jobs and .name at 12register. We have also started our .me registrations which will stop on next friday the 27th. More about that on the 12register page on .me domains .

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Jobs and Name accreditation 
We plan to launch .jobs and . name domains next week. We've been accredited for .jobs and .name, and we passed the required .name OT&E last thursday.

I'll tell you more on this once we've completed the modules and we've gone live...

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SIDN - Day at Arena Amsterdam 
Last Friday we were back in Amsterdam for the third time this week. This time, the Dutch Registry SIDN organized an event for all .nl registrars.

We had some informational workshops, about ENUM and about market developments regarding domains in The Netherlands.

Enum is in a very early phase right now. It makes it possible for individuals to save their contact data in a DNS zone, accessable by a ENUM domain name. Unfortunately, there is no software or hardware supporting this yet, but if that would be the case, you could be reached by calling, emailing or texting (or any other supported communication protocal) that ENUM domain. We'll need to wait and see if this 'standard' will evolve...

Market developments were not very suprising. News is that the 3 million .nl domains will be reached in august of this year. Secondly, SIDN is going to start a marketing campaign later this year. I hope they will think about that very thouroughly, because in the end the customer will not be able to buy anything from sidn, only from the accredited registrars.

Later on, we had a discussion on how to prevent childporn on the internet. Basically every body agreed to take down any site immediately when notified of childporn. A filter was suggested as well, but as we are not ISP's we can't filter what people look for on the internet. And we don't even want to do that, because it could be a 'china' like censor that we don't want to have.

At the end, a small group joined for a diner at the best seats in the Arena stadium , looking over the field and an empty stadium. Quite impressive and very entertaining as well.

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pre-ICANN meeting 
For the second time, a pre-ICANN meeting was held in Utrecht last thursday. We joined it for the first time, as the one held before we were unable to attent. Its goal is to prepare for the ICANN meeting in paris in June

There were people from SIDN , Ministry of Economic Affairs , EURid, ISP Connect , and some other professional related people.

We attended as we are the first and only active ICANN accredited registrar in The Netherlands .

We mainly discussed DNSSEC , IDN Toplevel domains and new gTLD's . As this was a closed and informal meeting, I can't tell much about the actual discussion, but it was interesting to talk about lots of political issues that have to do with these kind of technical implementation. Afterwards we had drink and I talked to Arnout Veenman, the chairman of ISP Connect. He was wondering why we didn't join the association yet, and I promised him we would think about it.

We are still not sure if we can attend the ICANN meeting in Paris, its right after my holiday in italy. I need to see if my agenda allows me to go.

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