Online identity change 
Back in october 2007 I blogged about a new dutch website. If you have ever lost yourself, or forget who you are? There is a new where you can search on people.

They can also show tags related to your name. Today I thougth i'd compare the results in 2007 with today's results. Lets see what has changed:

October 2007

Providers Document Sveia Emerce Isp
Sardini Actie Massaal Blog Stockholm
Icecream Exchange Resultat Askanowner Ijsmachines
Computer Bekijk Web Kev Forum
Waterdichte Honors Contact Rettung Icann
Coureur Tft Spiegel Descriptions Te
Rechtsanwalt Sql Xml Anwaltsverzeichnis Directory
International Ecomputers Person Personal Mon
Mlm Thomas Aanbod Mcadvo Gratis

--1.5 years later--

May 2009
Realtime Twitter Directeur Zwolle Nederland
Yourhosting Schrevenweg Leunen Hosting Venray
Ispam Senate Valentijn Telecompaper Northern
Sharepoint Profiles Rechtsanwalt Icann Maarten
Peta Vlies Arjen Personen Persberichten
Maxime Alexander Allereerst Bastiaan Webwereld
Eddy Martijn Amerikaanse Public Portal
Press Domeinnaam Lenssen Blitterswijck Ceo
Jelle Simsek Rick Blog Vacature

What can we learn from this? Not much I guess, I think the service has become less effective and useful. But I am glad 50% of our company name is mentioned ;-). And Twitter of course, important!

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First impression of 
Today I will be meeting up with the team behind . After hearing and reading a lot about I finally got the chance to check the service myself. Must say I see lots of potential, but also lots of work to be done ;-). Ideas that popped up in my mind for example!

- Add more content on top of the movies
- Combine and edit movies?
- More options for publishing movies (facebook?)
- domain registration integration would be great (register your own domain to be used with your account)

this last one will be something I will discuss tomorrow, as we ( can provide such a service together with Hopefully you will see the implementation of it soon!

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Movie content published using 

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The Next Web quote mockup part 1 
Since we met so much nice people and had good conversations and fun with them, @patrick of TheNextWeb organization thought it would be a good idea to send in some quotes of attendee's. Here is what i came across last week, have fun:

Khris Loux (JS-KIT)
"How cool is that? Buy the domains and put them in my account"

(Note: This is regarding the domains and

Bryan Thatcher (empressr)
" thanks for the beer "

(Note: Regarding.... the free beers)

Rick Mans
"realtime espresso and heineken ;) I might visit your booth."

(Note: Regarding.... the free heineken and espresso)

Titanas (
"i think there is room for breaking the market with a great service and low prices"

(Note: Regarding reselling domain names)

Ralph Talmont (
"Let's just say it was a very quiet Sunday :)"

(Note: Regarding ... his sunday)

Hermione Way
"how about we do it when the conference has finished?"
Hermione Way
"ok how about we do it now in the break? i will come up to you!"

(Note: this is about an interview, off course, what did you think!)

Vivienne Westwood
"When in doubt, overdress."

(Note: Regarding the silver suites)

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The Next Web was great 
The Next Web 2009 is over. We sponsored it with Realtime Register, so mugs , and clocks everywhere. It was also our first time with the new booth, must say that it went superb.

We met lots of funny, interesting and inspiring people. Jeff Jarvis, Jeff Coe, Werner Vogels and Khris Loux where my personal favorite speakers. It was all work and no play for must of our team, so we haven't actually been able to see all of the speakers. What I heard was that people were happy with the topics and contents.

Below a small photogallery with my mobile pictures, so you'll get a bit of tnw.

Online photogallery (mobile pictures)

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