The Next Web quote mockup part 1 
Since we met so much nice people and had good conversations and fun with them, @patrick of TheNextWeb organization thought it would be a good idea to send in some quotes of attendee's. Here is what i came across last week, have fun:

Khris Loux (JS-KIT)
"How cool is that? Buy the domains and put them in my account"

(Note: This is regarding the domains and

Bryan Thatcher (empressr)
" thanks for the beer "

(Note: Regarding.... the free beers)

Rick Mans
"realtime espresso and heineken ;) I might visit your booth."

(Note: Regarding.... the free heineken and espresso)

Titanas (
"i think there is room for breaking the market with a great service and low prices"

(Note: Regarding reselling domain names)

Ralph Talmont (
"Let's just say it was a very quiet Sunday :)"

(Note: Regarding ... his sunday)

Hermione Way
"how about we do it when the conference has finished?"
Hermione Way
"ok how about we do it now in the break? i will come up to you!"

(Note: this is about an interview, off course, what did you think!)

Vivienne Westwood
"When in doubt, overdress."

(Note: Regarding the silver suites)

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The Next Web was great 
The Next Web 2009 is over. We sponsored it with Realtime Register, so mugs , and clocks everywhere. It was also our first time with the new booth, must say that it went superb.

We met lots of funny, interesting and inspiring people. Jeff Jarvis, Jeff Coe, Werner Vogels and Khris Loux where my personal favorite speakers. It was all work and no play for must of our team, so we haven't actually been able to see all of the speakers. What I heard was that people were happy with the topics and contents.

Below a small photogallery with my mobile pictures, so you'll get a bit of tnw.

Online photogallery (mobile pictures)

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Interview @ TheNextWeb 
I was interviewed by a greek blogger called Titanas on TheNextWeb conference. View the interview at the following url. ... istration/

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Discount for TheNextWeb conference passes: visit our booth! 
The international internet scene gathers on April 15 to 17 in Amsterdam at The Next Web Conference 2009. The Next Web is about the future of the web, where international speakers share their vision with you. This conference has become one of the best networking events in Europe.

A great place for inspiration, networking and meet the Realtime Register crew! We have a very nice booth with free drinks and coffee, and we would be happy to meet you there.

We have negotiated a special offer on the entrance tickets for all of our relations. Use the following link and receive a 20% discount:

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.TEL Movie and news 
First of all, we were interviewed on .tel developments last week. 2 articles (in dutch) appeared online at: ... l-domeinen ... einen.html

Secondly, we have published the .tel viral movie at . You can view it below as well.

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