India, a land of wonders 
I am more and more suprised on the way things go in India. I have sent in the registry-registrar agreements 3 times already. Each time there was something wrong. The last time I did not put my initials on each page (this wasn't described anywhere, so I couldn't have known this). I didn't mind doing this, allthough this was the third time I was sending these documents.

Today, to my suprise, I received the following email. I'm beginning to think this is a candid camera show......

--- cut ---

From: IN Registry

Dear Peter,

This time it's my fault. It was accidently spoilt due to pouring of water on those agreement. I sincerly appologize and earnestly request you to send another set of the agreeement duely signed. It was unintentionally spoilt. Please forgive me for the inconveinences caused to you.

Warm Regards,

--- cut ---

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.ME is about YOU 
We have sent out the contracts for .ME today, a new cc-tld (montenegro) but obviously focusses on YOU and ME.

It will become available during may-july, we off course want to be accredited registrar right from the start!

Meanwhile, .IN needed some more paperwork, and the ICANN RDE company Iron Mountain too.

We'll just keep rollin'.....

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ICANN Data escrow  
We had an issue this week with ICANN, because we failed to start our data escrow programm . This has become a part of the Registrar Agreement, we are obliged to submit copies of our gTLD registration data. We were supposed to start on the first of april, but somehow this got lost in the many things we are doing.

Therefor we were immediately contacted and warned by ICANN, on which we replied and started working on the data escrow tool. Once the paperwork with the RDE service provider is in place, we will be starting the data escrow.

An unfortunate thing, which is delaying the .jobs / .name and .asia appendixes from being approved, I hope its all solved in a few days.

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Checking out things I should have already known 
So as I explained earlier, we attended The Next Web conference . This was all about new stuff on the web, but also about currently very popular sites and services. I heard about a lot of things there that I heard about before, but was never interested enought to check it out. The time has come now to do so. Below a list of things I will be checking out now and perhaps they will also appear on this site.

- facebook
- twitter
- digg
- pownce
- lookery
- hoera
- stumbleupon
- ubervu
- soocial
- netlog
- symbaloo
- introniche
- cocomment
- ebuddy
- myspace
- pluggd
- flickr
- gmail
- youtube
- tinyurl

I will discuss/review each of these here, as I have investigated them. This is both in a personal interest view and as a business oppertunity, I like to see myself as a trendwatcher when doing this ;-)

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numeric domains in holland 
There was some trouble in the netherlands when SIDN launched the numeric domain (only numbers were not allowed until a few weeks ago). The landrush of the numeric domain was a disaster , only two companies were able to register the first few thousands of domains, because they used a lot of servers and tweaked them to use all of SIDN's capacity for registering domains. All other registrars were off course very unhappy about this. As a result, SIDN has withdrawn a big portion of these domains. It is now investigated on how these domains should be offered to the public, to prevent a new disaster.

And still, what use are numbers in domains, I thought we didn't want to remember ip-addresses anymore????

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