The dutch registry sidn will be introducing EPP in January 2010.

For that reason, they had planned several events to inform all of the (over 2000) registrars on this big change.

I was asked to do a presentation on our experiences on EPP at Realtime Register . I have done so in Eindhoven and Hoogeveen. Below some pictures and the presentation.

An article on the EPP Session's was also posted on the weblog of SIDN.

I talked to several dutch registrars and people at the dutch registry. Overall it was fun to do and the feedback was positive.

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TRAFFIC ccTLD auction, Next Lot Peter! 
I was invited by Paul Jansen of SIDN to visit Rick Latona's T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference (1-4 June, Amsterdam).

I had some nice conversation's with Kellie Peterson of Name.com, Donny Simonton of parked.com, Sander Cruiming of XXLWebhosting, Hans van de Streek and Yom Schutte of Hostnet.nl, David Clements President of Rick Latona Auctions , Hennie Groot Lipman , supposed to be the biggest domainer in The Netherlands and Matt Lowery , the world livestock champion .

Eventually I ended up on stage pronouncing all cc-tld domain names at the first TRAFFIC ccTLD auction . I was up there for 3 hours. It was a very interesting experience to see the domainers bidding from the 'other side'. Check out this image (source: dnjournal.com )

Thanks go out to all people I spoke to and hope to keep in touch.

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Realtime Register interview about .TEL on dutch television 

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"12 Register" becomes "Realtime Register" 

As per the 15th of November 2008, we will be changing our business-, trade, and domain name from "12Register" into " Realtime Register " (and 12register.com into http://www.realtimeregister.com ). Reasons for this change have been legal issues on our domain name and commercial considerations for future growth of our company. Our new name " Realtime Register " perfectly describes what we stand for and what we can offer you as a reseller or webuser.

Nothing will change other than our business name, domain name and email addresses. Our services will be running on both of our domains 12register.com and realtimeregister.com up to the 1st of May 2009, after that, only realtimeregister.com will be used. We will publish technical information for the customers using our EPP, e-Mail and/or domain-check interface shortly.

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The sky is the limit for domain prices 
We have been acquiring interesting domain names over the last years, for future business plans, but we noticed a recent change in the domainers market.

Prices are rocketing into the sky, for .com domains that are not always very descriptive, short or usable for businesses. There are companies out there asking 6 figures for domains that we paid two hundred USD for a year ago.

I'm not surprised that the US have a credit crisis at the moment, we used to have a system with prices based on supply and demand, but the these people are asking higher and higher prices for no reason. This is picked up by others in the domainers market, making the prices increase for less interesting domains as well.

Seems like I'm complaining about having to pay a lot of money, and to be honest, yes I do. But I never complain if the price is high, but also worthwhile, and that is not the case here.

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