2010 will bring new challenges! 
After almost 9 years as operational manager at Your Hosting and the founding and my 6 years as CEO at Realtime Register I'm moving forward in a slightly different direction. After long thoughts and conversation, I have decided it's best to make room for new people at the companies and for me to find new challenges and live my dream.

I'm making myself available for new initiatives and projects. I have had a lot of ideas and business plans, but to little time in the past years. Organizations with over 50 employees require a lot of time in management tasks, leaving less time for australianpills.com developing ideas into actual products/businesses. I'm now taking that time and do what I love to do and what I'm good at.

Follow me at twitter and connect with my on linkedin if you are interested in chatting, mailing or meeting up with me.

This site will become my professional blog. I will move to a new platform, most likely wordpress.

Today I've also made a new logo for my company , it is still a concept, remarks are very much welcome.

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What I do best 
I found someone describing his own skill's like this, I can totally level with that:

My added value is to quickly develop a clear and pragmatic vision on a specific subject or on developments in information technology in general. Then communicate about that to non-ICT people (i.e. management, board members or professionals in other disciplines) avoiding ICT lingo but capturing the essence.

I often feel 'the translator' between my technical colleagues and 'regular' business professionals

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Online identity change 
Back in october 2007 I blogged about a new dutch website. If you have ever lost yourself, or forget who you are? There is a new where you can search on people.

They can also show tags related to your name. Today I thougth i'd compare the results in 2007 with today's results. Lets see what has changed:

October 2007

Providers Document Sveia Emerce Isp
Sardini Actie Massaal Blog Stockholm
Icecream Exchange Resultat Askanowner Ijsmachines
Computer Bekijk Web Kev Forum
Waterdichte Honors Contact Rettung Icann
Coureur Tft Spiegel Descriptions Te
Rechtsanwalt Sql Xml Anwaltsverzeichnis Directory
International Ecomputers Person Personal Mon
Mlm Thomas Aanbod Mcadvo Gratis

--1.5 years later--

May 2009
Realtime Twitter Directeur Zwolle Nederland
Yourhosting Schrevenweg Leunen Hosting Venray
Ispam Senate Valentijn Telecompaper Northern
Sharepoint Profiles Rechtsanwalt Icann Maarten
Peta Vlies Arjen Personen Persberichten
Maxime Alexander Allereerst Bastiaan Webwereld
Eddy Martijn Amerikaanse Public Portal
Press Domeinnaam Lenssen Blitterswijck Ceo
Jelle Simsek Rick Blog Vacature

What can we learn from this? Not much I guess, I think the service has become less effective and useful. But I am glad 50% of our company name is mentioned ;-). And Twitter of course, important!

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Geboortekaartje Nienke 
Ingeklapt (klik hier om fullsize ingeklapt te zien)

Klik op de kaart om hem uit te klappen

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Nienke is born! 
Thursday the 20th of November, my doughter Nienke was born @ 6.03 PM. Mother and doughter are doing ok, after 2 nights in the hospital we are all together at home now!

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