The dutch registry sidn will be introducing EPP in January 2010.

For that reason, they had planned several events to inform all of the (over 2000) registrars on this big change.

I was asked to do a presentation on our experiences on EPP at Realtime Register . I have done so in Eindhoven and Hoogeveen. Below some pictures and the presentation.

An article on the EPP Session's was also posted on the weblog of SIDN.

I talked to several dutch registrars and people at the dutch registry. Overall it was fun to do and the feedback was positive.

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Kings of Code 

We were sponsor of Kings of Code in Amsterdam (June 29-30).

It was a very interesting day with lots of good speakers. Especially the opening by Aral Balkan was superb.

Besides all kinds of sessions on new programming styles/languages/platforms, I found Steven Pemberton (W3C) interesting as well. Below a picture from his presentation, showing how fast our computer power has grown (twice as much power every 18 months).

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HostingCon here we come 
We will be exhibiting HostingCon 2009 on August 10-12 with Realtime Register . We have been preparing our trip to Washington for a few weeks now.

This week we packed our booth and next week it will be shipped to NYC. From there over land to Washington. We'll fly there ourselves on August 8.

Hope we can meet lots of interesting people and do some good deals there. See you there?

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TRAFFIC ccTLD auction, Next Lot Peter! 
I was invited by Paul Jansen of SIDN to visit Rick Latona's T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference (1-4 June, Amsterdam).

I had some nice conversation's with Kellie Peterson of Name.com, Donny Simonton of parked.com, Sander Cruiming of XXLWebhosting, Hans van de Streek and Yom Schutte of Hostnet.nl, David Clements President of Rick Latona Auctions , Hennie Groot Lipman , supposed to be the biggest domainer in The Netherlands and Matt Lowery , the world livestock champion .

Eventually I ended up on stage pronouncing all cc-tld domain names at the first TRAFFIC ccTLD auction . I was up there for 3 hours. It was a very interesting experience to see the domainers bidding from the 'other side'. Check out this image (source: dnjournal.com )

Thanks go out to all people I spoke to and hope to keep in touch.

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First impression of Dik.nl 
Today I will be meeting up with the team behind dik.nl . After hearing and reading a lot about dik.nl I finally got the chance to check the service myself. Must say I see lots of potential, but also lots of work to be done ;-). Ideas that popped up in my mind for example!

- Add more content on top of the movies
- Combine and edit movies?
- More options for publishing movies (facebook?)
- domain registration integration would be great (register your own domain to be used with your dik.nl account)

this last one will be something I will discuss tomorrow, as we (realtimeregister.com) can provide such a service together with dik.nl. Hopefully you will see the implementation of it soon!

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