Measure the state of your development quality-readiness 
Seapine software offers a free tool to assess your development organisation. In fact its just a survey, but the questions help you think about both the efficiency and effectiveness of your development organisation.

I did the test for our development organisation 'innonext' . We were not confronted with any news, but it's quit obvious that we should be doing better in testing.

Since we have grown from 4 to 10 people this year, we will be able to implement a production test in every project. Costs extra time, but saves time on the long run.

Below you'll find a global result image.

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Changing names 
For a company to change its name, is not an easy decision to make.

Our situation was that we were forced to change our name, under pressure of, who claimed that we typo squatted their domain name ( vs. Very hard to make a typo like that, so their case wasn't strong to start with. On top of this claim, they stated that we infringed their trade name and trademark, which they had been using for a longer time than we used It is true they were in business before us, but 'register' is such a descriptive, generic 'brand', that it is impossible to claim just that as a trademark right now. have a trademark on '' and we have one on '12Register'. It is very hard to decide if that is infringing or not, it would be a 50/50 situation according to our lawyers. Secondly, the case would go to American court, and we are not familiar with American law. We would need to find lawyers in America to research our case an represent us in court. All with the chance to lose our case and on top of our own costs a possible claim by

We chose not to put all our eggs in one basket, and settled with We confirmed we would stop using our brand and trade name 12Register and our domain We have settled that we have a 6 months transition period for changing everything to our new name.

So how do you find a new name. There are a couple of things you might want:

1. You want your company name to tell people what you do or sell or offer

2. You want a unique company name, not to be mistaken with another company

3. You want your new company name as a domain name to be available (or for sale) in all possible countries and ways to type or mistype your new name, so nobody else will take your traffic and you do not have to go to court later on to claim your name back.

This combination is almost impossible. Believe me, we have researched, many many names, and all of them had one or more issues. We have invested thousands of euro's buying names we liked, to find out later that there were possible legal issues, or typo's for unbelievable high prices. I personally negotiated one of these domains, starting off at USD 288,888.00 (two-hundred-eighty-eight-thousand-eight-hundred-eighty-eight dollars), down to USD 35,000.00, but we decided we would rather invest that money in marketing. Again, this was a typo, on our original name, so spending this money would hurt a lot, but we could not risk our competitors to take it or some porn company to use it, to ruin our business.

A 'fantasy' name has a lot of advantages, its new, no-one will mistake you for another company, all domains are available. The downside is no-one knows what you do, your name is non-descriptive, you will need to spend A-LOT of marketing money to tell people what the hell you are and what you have to offer.

We finally decided to go for Realtime Register . It is descriptive, it tells exactly what we offer. The domains were available or for sale at reasonable prices. There are companies using 'realtime', or 'register' in their name, but none are using the two words together. We chose to keep our color scheme and logo a bit alike the old one, so people would not be to confused on the change.

We have invested 4 years into 12Register, we were mentioned in local and internationall press and became well-known in our field of work. We will need to let our new name become wellknown as well. This will take time, money and man-power, but we will succeed.

One small advantage was that we didn't start our worldwide marketing campaign just yet, we planned to do so in Q4 of 2008. This obviously was delayed due to the name change, but we will still start in December/January. Hopefully, our new name will be burned into the minds of a lot of people in a very short term!

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"12 Register" becomes "Realtime Register" 

As per the 15th of November 2008, we will be changing our business-, trade, and domain name from "12Register" into " Realtime Register " (and into ). Reasons for this change have been legal issues on our domain name and commercial considerations for future growth of our company. Our new name " Realtime Register " perfectly describes what we stand for and what we can offer you as a reseller or webuser.

Nothing will change other than our business name, domain name and email addresses. Our services will be running on both of our domains and up to the 1st of May 2009, after that, only will be used. We will publish technical information for the customers using our EPP, e-Mail and/or domain-check interface shortly.

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New company: innonext 

After some long talks we decided to start a new company for our development activities. This way it will be more transparent what all of our projects costs and profits are and we are able to spend more time innovating, creating and developing totally new projects.

Our focus will off course be the dutch market, our customers are 12Register , YourHosting , StartHosting and Aorta Incasso to start with.

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Kings of Code 2008 is history 
Yesterday, we attended (and sponsored) the Kings of Code conference in Amsterdam:

It was a good conference, lots of usefull speakers such as :
- PETER-PAUL KOCH Quirksmode

Rouding up, it was good to meet people there and have YourHosting sponsoring the whole bit. We actually did some flyering for 12Register as well, we gave away EUR 12.500 on credits to all visitors.

The evening before, we had a very entertaining evening at Boris van Veldhuizen van Zanten's house in Amsterdam. All speakers and sponsors were invited for a diner, prepared by Boris himself. It turned out to be a super evening, ending with champagne and wodka :-) Unfortunately I had to skip it because I had to drive home, in VB's car (220 km/h on the A1 is way to fast!)

Thanks for that lovely diner Boris and Patrick !

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