numeric domains in holland 
There was some trouble in the netherlands when SIDN launched the numeric domain (only numbers were not allowed until a few weeks ago). The landrush of the numeric domain was a disaster , only two companies were able to register the first few thousands of domains, because they used a lot of servers and tweaked them to use all of SIDN's capacity for registering domains. All other registrars were off course very unhappy about this. As a result, SIDN has withdrawn a big portion of these domains. It is now investigated on how these domains should be offered to the public, to prevent a new disaster.

And still, what use are numbers in domains, I thought we didn't want to remember ip-addresses anymore????

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short update 
Have been to busy to blog lately. Just some update, fast!

We have added .tv and .cc domains at 12register, against very interesting prices! We have also lowered .eu and .net prices .

Im currently looking at .cn , .tw and .us domains to add next, and we are developing .ru , so we can introduce that as well.

At yourhosting , we have officially launched our new server and hosting manager last monday, all new clients automatically have this. Older clients will be migrated within the next 3 months (big project).

Personally, I have started a course of SEO , along with one of our employees. I need to have a plain html website for my excercizes, so I'm building a simple one right now. I am going to start a small domain shop and focus on specific countries and domaintypes. Just to see what SEO can do.

The domain shop is something I'm having developed by a programmer in India, as a test for us to find out if off-shore development is worthwhile. Can't say just yet, but it could be succesfull...

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Development developing! 
Its friday, so no tech releases today. We have decided this long ago, since we have had several issues with friday releases of software updates. Sometimes you can't wait till monday with the bug fix.

For next week we have several nice things to release at We have a new hosting server model, which has a totally rebuilt configuration panel. It has php4 and php5 support and you have the following options:
- site backup
- sitebuilder
- configurable mailbox size
- optionally create extra ftp users
- anti leeching
- subdomain redirect to folders or url's
- and many more new features

Besides that, our internal software will be upgraded as well. We have added telephone recognition. When a customer calls, you will automatically get all the customer data in your screen. All thanks to the use of Voip and our homemade crm software (YourCrm) we use.

Next week we will also be introducing new MI tools (management info), so we can look into the performance of our (30) employees by generating reports. We can also analyse the number of new customers per day, phonecalls, emails, etc. etc.

Very sexy, right!

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