2010 will bring new challenges! 
After almost 9 years as operational manager at Your Hosting and the founding and my 6 years as CEO at Realtime Register I'm moving forward in a slightly different direction. After long thoughts and conversation, I have decided it's best to make room for new people at the companies and for me to find new challenges and live my dream.

I'm making myself available for new initiatives and projects. I have had a lot of ideas and business plans, but to little time in the past years. Organizations with over 50 employees require a lot of time in management tasks, leaving less time for australianpills.com developing ideas into actual products/businesses. I'm now taking that time and do what I love to do and what I'm good at.

Follow me at twitter and connect with my on linkedin if you are interested in chatting, mailing or meeting up with me.

This site will become my professional blog. I will move to a new platform, most likely wordpress.

Today I've also made a new logo for my company , it is still a concept, remarks are very much welcome.

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The Next Web quote mockup part 1 
Since we met so much nice people and had good conversations and fun with them, @patrick of TheNextWeb organization thought it would be a good idea to send in some quotes of attendee's. Here is what i came across last week, have fun:

Khris Loux (JS-KIT)
"How cool is that? Buy the domains and put them in my account"

(Note: This is regarding the domains 7loads.com and grabahandfull.com)

Bryan Thatcher (empressr)
" thanks for the beer "

(Note: Regarding.... the free beers)

Rick Mans
"realtime espresso and heineken ;) I might visit your booth."

(Note: Regarding.... the free heineken and espresso)

Titanas (pestaola.gr)
"i think there is room for breaking the market with a great service and low prices"

(Note: Regarding reselling domain names)

Ralph Talmont (pixengo.com)
"Let's just say it was a very quiet Sunday :)"

(Note: Regarding ... his sunday)

Hermione Way
"how about we do it when the conference has finished?"
Hermione Way
"ok how about we do it now in the break? i will come up to you!"

(Note: this is about an interview, off course, what did you think!)

Vivienne Westwood
"When in doubt, overdress."

(Note: Regarding the silver suites)

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"12 Register" becomes "Realtime Register" 

As per the 15th of November 2008, we will be changing our business-, trade, and domain name from "12Register" into " Realtime Register " (and 12register.com into http://www.realtimeregister.com ). Reasons for this change have been legal issues on our domain name and commercial considerations for future growth of our company. Our new name " Realtime Register " perfectly describes what we stand for and what we can offer you as a reseller or webuser.

Nothing will change other than our business name, domain name and email addresses. Our services will be running on both of our domains 12register.com and realtimeregister.com up to the 1st of May 2009, after that, only realtimeregister.com will be used. We will publish technical information for the customers using our EPP, e-Mail and/or domain-check interface shortly.

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The sky is the limit for domain prices 
We have been acquiring interesting domain names over the last years, for future business plans, but we noticed a recent change in the domainers market.

Prices are rocketing into the sky, for .com domains that are not always very descriptive, short or usable for businesses. There are companies out there asking 6 figures for domains that we paid two hundred USD for a year ago.

I'm not surprised that the US have a credit crisis at the moment, we used to have a system with prices based on supply and demand, but the these people are asking higher and higher prices for no reason. This is picked up by others in the domainers market, making the prices increase for less interesting domains as well.

Seems like I'm complaining about having to pay a lot of money, and to be honest, yes I do. But I never complain if the price is high, but also worthwhile, and that is not the case here.

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(back from holiday) Jobs and Name gone live 
I have been away for the last two weeks, for a holiday in italy . We had a good time and have enjoyed the south-european weather and lifestyle!

But now its back to business. Just before my vacation, we launched .jobs and .name at 12register. We have also started our .me registrations which will stop on next friday the 27th. More about that on the 12register page on .me domains .

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